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Year 2016 and looking forward

  • Posted by admin
  • On December 23, 2016

I am Shilpa Kaluti, COO of Scrumconnect, As our financial Year 2015/2016 comes to an end and christmas is around I wanted to pen my thoughts about past year and our focus for new year.

We had a descent gig this year, engaged on various GDS based DIgital by default projects at DWP Carers (we have DevOps, Tech Architect, Developers and Automation Engineers working on site), Home Office Digital  helping the syrian programme in strategic programme delivery and our product consultants doing some strategic activities across transformation and NLEDP, Also our whole team at MoJ Make a plea (whole team of DM, PM, DevOps, Developers, UX, Automation Engineers) took the service from discovery to Live, 3 devops in private sector and Environment Agency.

We are incredibly incredibly proud to be working on all of the services, specifically we want to call out DWP Carers, the service embodies GDS way of doing user needs first, open source, good culture , great leaders setting the bar high and more importantly a great place to delivery.

When citizens say stuff like this, it  makes our work rewarding

“The system is very easy to understand and very easy to fill in. In short, it’s possibly the very best HM Government form I’ve ever filled in. Excellent!”.  

Our 2017 Focus

One of the reasons why we have been able to do good delivery is by doing hard work to hire the right talent and also believe in getting good heads inspired by this article. So as our founder Praveen Karadiguddi moves on to do bigger things,  we welcomed our new heads few months ago, Alex Johnston as Head of delivery and Rob lazzurs as Head of devops. Three of us will along with our strong delivery focussed teams will continue our ambition of delivering great services and more importantly having fun along the journey.

Our next big focus is on automation.

Increasingly we see the trend for next decade is about automation and by that I mean across the industry for e.g. Tesla is talking about driverless cars/trucks and making cars as a service, Amazon talking about check out less shops, to automation in hotels where robots are replacing hotel staff, to very own software industry where devops , dev in test and good devs are automating stuff that’s possible.


With DevOps we believe in creating a culture of shared responsibility i.e. we always strive to embed operations skills into delivery teams to reduce handoffs and friction, thereby delivering better outcomes.

With right implementation and right devops mindset we have seen services/products that produce high performance by deploying code more frequently, having fewer failures, being able to recover from those failures fast, thereby resulting in greater organisational trust and happier employees.


Wishing you all merry christmas and great 2017






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